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Delementia is the first free to play RPG game based in blockchain technology where you own your unique characters and get to become part of the story.



Enter the Story with our epic Heroes

Discover gods and forgotten civilizations, join our 40 free to play heroes and heroines from lands of the seas, vulcans, forest and desert and face the real evil together. Will you win?


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Create Adventurers and your own Story

Collect your own unique adventurers and preserve your achievements for posterity in the blockchain. You will be able to use your assets in the following games of the Delementia universe too.


Meet the heart of Delementia

Aleix Risco

Game Lead

Víctor Ocariz

Lead Programmer

Ru Ye

Lead Artist

Oriol Perarnau

Game Programmer

Marina Teixidor

Marketing Manager

Lilith Oliveras

Game Narrative

Carlos García


Víctor Álvarez

Senior Programmer

Cristian Plaza

Senior Artist

Fernando Ruiz

Senior Artist

Guido Iglesias

Community Manager

Joan Ortiga

Game Programmer

Raquel Rubio

2D Artist

Irantzu Torres

2D Artist